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Academy's Methodology

What is Evidence-Based Dietetics Practice?

Evidence-Based Dietetics Practice is a the incorporation of systematically reviewed scientific evidence in making food and nutrition decisions by integrating best available evidence with professional expertise and client values to improve outcomes (Academy Scope of Dietetics Practice Framework).

EAL Methodology and Process

The methodology followed by the Academy uses a state-of-the-art method for evaluating food and nutrition questions. This work is conducted by a team consisting of experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics and analysts trained in research analysis. Meticulous methods and web-based tools are used throughout the process to ensure objectivity, transparency and reproducibility of the process. We are convinced that our process is simply the best.  Consider the following:
  • The Academy's Evidence Analysis process was recognized by JCAHO as exemplary of bring the best research to practice.
  • The Academy's Evidence Analysis process was adapted by the FDA to assess the type of qualified health claim that can be put on food labels.
  • The Academy's Research staff has trained staff and task force members for USDADHHSCDC and FDA.
We encourage the use of our methodology and resources. You can download a copy of the Evidence Analysis Manual and templates from the left navigation bar.